You can download my model from Thingiverse.
The final result:

I got a Logitech G27 and set it up on my desktop. There was a problem with it: the steering wheel was too close to my keyboard, which made it really hard to type on the keyboard. So I decided to mod my steering wheel into a detachable version.
I bought a *cheap* universal quick release module from Taobao, as well as a common flange for G27. I cut it in half and fount out it couldn’t fit my module. So I designed two flanges for it, cut from ABS chunks by using a Roland MDX-40A.

A universal flange from Taobao and cut in half:

Cut the base flange:

Install the base flange. And try to put the other part on:

Cut the second flange connected to the wheel (from both side):

Install the second flange: