Phy-Lab is a web application that designed to help students processing the data of physics experiment class. The original purpose was to create a shortcut of dealing with massive amount of data, which I obtained in the Physical Experiment Course, to come out with a report. There were several tools on university’s FTP that could, but all of them were out of date and based on Matlab. So setting up a web server with PHP by my own seemed to be a good choice to share this input-and-go tool.

Phy-Lab consists a calculation class and web pages which are designed for experiments of the course. All of the code is written in PHP.

The core of Phy-Lab is its scientific calculation part. It provides basic statistics functions of calculating for mean, standard deviation, uncertainty, etc. What’s more, since variables PHP are weakly typed and float is not an accurate variable type in the computer system, some intermediates that require accuracy are force cast to strings and calculated in a special way to overcome those problems.

Web pages are designed according to the sample of a report from the textbook. Other students could easily develop new pages if new experiments are introduced into that course.

The whole system runs on a server so students can access it anywhere inside the campus through a browser, without install huge Matlab only for running outdated scripts.They could focus more on theories of the experiment rather than waste time on calculation.