Co-author: Chen Zhao, Xiaowei Dai, Kwangtaek Kim, Jiawei Gu, Peter Choi, Hong Z. Tan, Ed Colgate

My contribution:

  • Physical simulation
  • Circuit debugging
  • Piezoelectric actuators impedance matching
  • Firmware/APP programming

Demostrated on Microsoft TechFest 2014 (Youtube video)

SlickFeel-Lumia is an advanced version of SlickFeel. A Lumia 920, a piece of glass with piezo actuators, circuit boards and a battery are boxed together to implement a handheld haptic feedback device. This device could generate different friction based on TPaD (tactile pattern display) technic, which allows users to create a different feeling on bare fingers for scenarios. For examples, switching between selections, scrolling on bars, moving out of range. The localized feeling it provides distinguished this device from phones using vibrators as haptic feedback.

System block diagram
System block diagram

Special thanks to Prof. Ed Colgate and the TPaD Tablet team for sharing their knowledge on TPaD with us!
This project is accepted as a Demo in the IEEE World Haptics Conference 2013.